Night of the Creeps Hits DVD

No, this is no post-April Fool's joke, though it would have been super righteous to have this as an April Fool's joke, reveal it to be a joke and then this real news comes out.  Well folks, after many years, many bootlegs, many questions asked and many folks resigning themselves to the real possiblitiy that Fred (The Monster Squad) Dekker's Night of the Creeps would never grace shelves (legitimately mind you)....Creeps will finally be hitting DVD come October!

Michael Felsher, who heads Red Shirt Productions and has crafted some of the best retrospective documentaries for the DVDs of some of our favorite films such as Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow, Monster Squad Forever! and It Runs in the Family: The Making of a Sequel; revealed on DeadPit that he has spoken with Sony and will be leading the special features.

"It is coming out officially for the first time ever. Fred Dekker is already working on it.  It's going to be the director's cut with the original ending.  We're going to go balls to the wall with the special features on it.  I talked to Sony today it's official, we're going ahead and it's coming out in October!"

This is most wonderful, joyeous news.  While one can rag on studios all they want for remaking classics, one has to love them for being willing to pony up the dough to release some classics.  Now we just need to get on Universal's rear about Phantasm II.  Well anyway folks there you have it.  Night of the Creeps will hit shelves this October and though no special features have been announced, with Felsher in the lead, no doubt they'll be thick and juicy.

And as an added bonus, those of us who have yet to see Creeps, it is currently playing on over at
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