Straw Man Trailer is Live


Some really cool horror movies are coming out of the UK lately, and this trailer is no exception.  Straw Man is a post-apocalyptic shocker directed by newcomer Andrew Barker and stars Leslie Simpson (Doomsday) and Axelle Carolyn (also Doomsday).  The new trailer for this madness of a movie hit the interweb earlier this week on the movies official myspace page, which also gives the following synopsis.  Watch for this movie to be released later this year at some point.

Straw Man is the harrowing tale of one man, a lone soul in an empty world.  To combat the loneliness of isolation he surrounds himself with people made out of straw, hand-crafted and moulded from faded memories of friends and family. They offer little in the way of company yet they hold insanity at bay.

This Lone Man is a contradiction, his rambling thoughts battling against his need for structure and routine. In his quest for normality he spends each day teaching pupils, reading to them from the classics as they stare back at him with blank, featureless faces. But when the line between reality and fantasy is blurred by madness his ordered life is sent into a downward spiral.

Why do the straw people stare at him with blind judgement?

What are the children trying to tell him?

Who is the beautiful woman... ...and does she offer salvation?

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