Terminator Salvation PG-13?


It looks like Pizza Hut spilled the beans on the MPAA rating for Terminator Salvation.  Thanks to AICN, if you look at the bottom of Pizza Hut's Terminator Salvation website, you will see in small print a very clear PG-13 rating!  Was it a mistake or is this actually the rating for the upcoming release?

Now, it might not be all bad.  Batman was PG-13 and featured a man with only half a face.  So maybe they'll relax on all the sci-fi violence and keep it in the PG-13.  But, McG was battling with producers to go for an R rating because he wanted to keep a topless scene with Moon Bloodgood in the final cut.  Did McG lose out to the studio for a lower rating?  I wouldn't read too much into a website that is merely doing a cross-promotion, but it could have let the cat out of the bag!  Stay tuned for more details.

Thanks to slashfilm for the photoshop work showing the rating.

Terminator Salvation is PG-13?

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