Gore Verbinski says Bioshock Movie is Next


Gore Verbinski has chosen to bow out from directing the newest Pirates of the Caribbean film and will instead move straight to working on the Bioshock Movie adaptation. This is HUGE news for those of us who are fans of the Bioshock game. Plus lets be honest... do we really need a Pirates 4? I loved the first 2 but the third one was a turd.

Set in an alternative 1960, you play a survivor of a plane crash at sea, a crash that sees marooned in the middle of the ocean, except for a strange structure nearby. This is the entrance to an underwater city called Rapture, created by the hugely rich and slightly odd businessman Andrew Ryan.

He wanted to create a perfect society filled with the best of humanity, and in 1950 did just that. As the population rose to thousands, so did its problems, a class system evolved and with it genetic engineering and experimentation for those who could achieve it, and soon all out war. You have arrived at the city when it has been ravaged by war, but there are still survivors.

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