Lee Demarbre's Smash Cut Trailer


Today the full trailer for Lee Demarbe's Smash Cut was unleashed. David Hess, Michael Berryman, Ray Sager, Herschell Gordon Lewis and Sasha Grey have all signed on to take part in Smash Cut. Hess, Berryman, Sager and Lewis may all be familiar to horror fans but Sasha Grey hasnt done much outside the porn genre. However according to Demarbe there will be no sex or nudity in the film and that "the only penetration will be with knives and axes."

Smash Cut revolves around Able Whitman a filmmaker who is going through rough times and is slowly losing his mind. After his latest film bombs, he picks up a stripper who he accidentally kills. To hide this, he decides to shoot a horror film and uses her corpse as a prop in the film. He soon learns that one body isnt enough and begins to kill more to have enough "props" for his film. The strippers sister and a detective are soon hot on Whitman's heels but can he finish his masterpiece film before they catch him?

This trailer looks really amazing and I can't wait to check this one out myself. I wasn't entirely convinced about this movie until now. Check out the trailer below from Twitch.

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