The Terminators Trailer

Another studio tent-pole, another Asylum mockbuster.  I don't have to explain that over the last three years or so Asylum has produced a number of mockbusters (probably more than Roger Corman has done in his career) wither they be tied in simply in title and art or storyline as well.  And folks who get confused over them...well they get what they deserve for not reading.

The Asylum has released the trailer for The Terminators.  I got two impressions from this trailer, 1. they have invested more time and money into the special effects and 2. confusion as to the plot line.  The logline refers to a race of androids coming to destroy us, but the trailer text refers to the titular machines being made to protect us.  But we're seeing spaceships and space stations.  Maybe they've been corrupted by an alien race, which like all alien races want to destroy us (come on, we all know E.T was planning on coming back to bump off Elliot).

But anywho.  The film looks to hold some promise, if I'm  entertained for ninety-minutes it works for me.  Special features will include trailers and a Making of Featurette. The film stars Jeremy London and Paul Logan and was directed by Xavier Puslowski and written by Jose Prendes & David Michael Latt (who is Asylum's head honcho).  The Terminators will be released on April 28, 2009. 
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