New Horror on DVD April 14th


Another round of New on DVD and Whats Worth Buying! Clearly the only film that you horror fans think is worth buying and is new on DVD today is SPLINTER. The film has an 84% approval rating based on 5 reviews which makes it a must buy.

Also new today is Repossessed, Slaughter High and The Uninvited. All have no reviews and an approval rating of 0. With the two older titles maybe its because some of our better educated horror members have not reviewed them. As for The Uninvited that movie was just in theatres not to long ago and the fact it has a 0% rating and no reviews is a pretty good hint to avoid it. Complete info is below and as always feel free to submit your own reviews to help us horror fans decide what is and is not worth buying.

On DVD April 14, 2009 Splinter is set in and around a quiet gas station on a lonely freeway, where a terrifying virus-like monster inhabits the bodies of its victims and drives them with a relentless lust for blood. The vi...
84% Approval
(Based on 5 Reviews, Write one )
Repossessed (1990) (Full)
On DVD April 14, 2009 Ready for a devil of a good time? Linda Blair will scare you silly when she's Repossessed! Blair stars in this uproarious laughfest with Leslie Nielsen, the deadpan comedHorror y hero who provided loop-de-lo...
0% Approval
(Based on 0 Reviews, Write one )
Slaughter High (Full Dol)
On DVD April 14, 2009 Marty was the nerd everyone made fun of. Now it's five years later and he's throwing a reunion for all his old "friends" - does he have a surprise for them? Five years ago Marty got mad...Now he's g...
0% Approval
(Based on 0 Reviews, Write one )
The Uninvited
On DVD April 14, 2009 Jung-won is an interior designer, racing to complete his dream house before his rapidly approaching nuptials. While spending the night alone in his future matrimonial home, Jung-won has a ghostly enco...
0% Approval
(Based on 0 Reviews, Write one )


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