Fresh Meat: Jen Page


We have another new Fresh Meat Vixen. This go around its once again a member of our community. She has been a lurker on the site for some time and is now registered and enjoying her time on the site. So rather then telling you about her, lets let her do it in her own words;

Hey guys! I'm new to your site and after lurking for a week I've discovered your Horror Vixens page and thought I would send you a bloody note. I'm a finalist for Fangoria's Spooksmodel competition and a big fan of horror!

Some of my favorite movies: The Howling, Ringu, The Shining, The Strangers (Why do so many of these movies start with "The"?), Aliens, Nightmare on Elm Street and American Werewolf in London. I could go on and on but, you know... don't wanna talk you to death.

I'm not here just for votes. I want to be a part of your horror community so I'm here to stay. Get use to me, or find a spray or something to exterminate me. I'm currently looking for a kick ass horror production to be a part of, and I am the female lead in a werewolf short being filmed in Seattle later this Spring.

Jen Page aka "killswitch".

Check out our latest vixen below and welcome her to our community if you have not had a chance to talk to her yet!

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