Creepy Comics Are Back


I never really ever went back to read the original run of Creepy. I have always been more of a Tales From the Crypt, EC Comics guy myself. But that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate the comeback of Creepy Comics! Especially when you hear the killer line up involved with the first issue from Dark Horse Comics.

Original Creepy artist Angelo Torres teams up with devilish Dan Braun on "Hell Hound Blues"; Michael Woods and artist Saskia Gutekunst serve up a dose of "Chemical 13"; Neil Kleid and Brian Churilla provide "All the Help You Need" at a weird weight-loss camp; and jaundiced Jason Shawn Alexander brings his phenomenal painting skills to Joe Harris's "The Curse"! Plus Bernie Wrightson, the return of "Loathsome Lore," and more. All this, plus one classic story from Uncle Creepy's dank dungeon, and you've got 48 freakish pages of terror.

Below is the cover for the first issue by Eric Powell, the madman behind The Goon.

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