BluRay Sales Rocket up!


It seems that BluRay is starting to catch on. The BluRay format has seen a jump in sales of 50% according to Home Media Magazine. Between January to March of this year almost 9 million BluRays were sold. In comparison the same time frame the year before saw only 4.5 million BluRays Sold.

Amazon has been really pumping some great BluRay sales as of late so it doesnt surprise me that BluRay has become a bit more popular. Not to mention player prices have come down and sometimes if you look hard enough you can find blurays for less money then dvd. The question I have for you all is do you have bluray? Are you buying it? Or do you find like me the format is still to rich for your blood.

My biggest beef with buying classic horror on Bluray is you dont get the bluray impact since the original format was less then ready for the format. Share your thoughts on Bluray in the comments.

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