Alien Abductions & Serial Killings, Nye Incidents Film Coming


Today comes word that the NYE INCIDENTS will become a feature film. The is based on the book by Devils Due Publishing. The synopsis for the book is as follows;

Lynn Devlin is a medical examiner who thinks she has seen everything Nye County has to throw at her. She copes with methodical, rational logic. But when a grotesque murder of a supposed alien abductee occurs that cannot be solved with her scalpel and microscope, Lynn finds her detachment is shattered, and her dreams haunted by large, dark, oval-shaped eyes.

Now, only one thing is certain: There's a killer loose in the alien abductee community... human or otherwise!

I always liked the whole alien abductions angle so long as it was not me being abducted and probed in all kinds of wrong ways by ET.

The book sounds pretty darn cool and here is hoping the movie is to. Stay tuned for more. Thanks to AICN for the tip.

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