10 Man Made Apocalypse Movies for Earth Day


Time to look at 10 movies that bring new meaning to Earth Day  Man Made apocalyptic tales. This is a followup to my last editorial; 10 Eco Horror Movies for Earth Day. Little side note this is a sad day. I wrote this editorial from scratch twice since my lame computer crashed. So I ask you all to love this editorial more then you might normally to make up for me banging my fists against my monitor screaming 'Why You bloody Apes... WHY'. So today love my bad grammer and spelling mistakes more then normal as we celebrate earth day with 10 Apocalyptic Horror Movies well worth watching. I love every film on this list but its by no means a Top 10 in the true sense of the word. There are alot of other great apocalyptic films but here are ten that will get you through earth day;

Quiet Earth: Quiet Earth is a movie that I recently picked up on DVD for a pretty good price and really enjoyed. The movie tells the tale of a  man who wakes up  to only find the world around him has literally gone quiet. Quiet Earth is a fantastic movie because it is a true and honest look at what the world would be like with nobody in it and the way that you would react. Honest, reflective and well written Quiet Earth is a fantastic apocalyptic tale where science turns against mankind creating just that.. a quiet earth. It doesnt have the usual bluster or gloss but instead gives you a raw and reel look at how the world would look if the guys with the pocket protectors accidentally made the world go quiet.

Blindness: Blindness is a newer release and when I originally checked it out I really was not to sure what to think. I picked it up but it sat on my floor for weeks before I finally popped it into my DVD player. I regret I did not watch it sooner since it is one of the few films I have seen that I have damn near given a 10 out of 10 which says alot. I never do that. Blindness is more thriller then horror but it is both visceral and disturbing while remaining real. This film is definitely not for the faint of heart but its also well written, though provoking and one of the most well put together apocalyptic tales I have seen in awhile. It tells the story of a world struck blind and how the blind would survive in a world built for the seeing. Striking, stunning and really one hell of a movie. Much like quiet earth its very real, and very disturbing at times as it shows how quickly mankind would fall apart after losing their sight.

Mad Max: Mad Max is the ultimate in apocalyptic tales. It is the telling of the end of days in a gritty no nonsense grindhouse style. Rather then taking the quiet earth angle or even the angle of I am Legend Mad Max takes the worst of society and shows what would happen when the world ends and the systems overload. Mad Max shows what happens when the nuthouse lets out and the inmates at the local zoo get out and start to have what they deem to be 'fun'. Extremely violent and in your face Mad Max is the ultimate apocalytic tale and one that you should all have seen. If you have not you need to go into the bathroom right now, look yourself in the eye and then soundly tell yourself off and go check it out. Easily one of the best apocalyptic tales ever made. You can follow it up by watching Mad Max 2 and 3. Equally good!

Doomsday: Doomsday is Neil Marshalls take on the end of the world and once again those folks with the pocket protectors are out to get us creating a special kind of plague that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. You gotta love those lab rat doctors and you gotta question when you check yourself into the hospital because you are puking your kidneys into a plastic bag and rather then giving you a prescription they run for the fire axe. In Doomsday Rhona Mitra stars as the ass kicking eye candy that must find a cure for the Doomsday plague before all thats left of mankind is a gurgling pile of mutated goo. It has a great mix of action, sex appeal, cannibalism and great writing to deliver the next best thing close to another Mad Max in to long. Admittedly it doesnt have the magic of Mad Max but Doomsday is a damn fine apocalyptic film and until they finally stop talking and actually give us that new Mad Max movie it fits the bill.

The Omega Man: 'You can pry my gun from my Cold dead Hands'. Do you really need me to say more other then end of days and Charlton Heston? The Omega Man is I am Legend told with a different cast and in a different time. You can really take your pick here as to which one you would want to watch or see on this list. Both are great films in their own right and deserving to be on any end of days list. Once again mankind has gone to hell in a hand bag and the local mutants have decided that technology is evil and so is the last man on earth who uses it. The epitomy of a classic action scifi tale The Omega Man is great fun.

The Mist: The Mist is one of the few good Stephen King film adaptations. Admittedly its slow at times and the CGI work is a bit off kilter but what makes the Mist work is its focus on the people and the characters. When scientists accidentally once again send the world to hell in a hand bag a small group of survivors gather in a supermarket and let their true nature show. Soon it becomes clear that the supermarket is just as dangerous as the evils that lurk in the mist. Although slow moving it has a nice mix of great character writing and carnage to make for a fun time. Without question The Mists major winning point is an ending that kicks you in the balls and steals your lunch money... its that shocking. The Mist is a well written film with a twist that will make you think.

Return of the Living Dead: I am sure some are surprised at this one. With George Romero's zombie films we never get to hear what caused the zombies. Lots of hints but no outright telling us. However in the case of Return of the Living Dead we know... good old nuclear toxic-goo courtesy of the US army. Return of the living dead is a cheese fest but its one that is near and dear to my heart and one that I have watched easily 30 times. Campy, sexy and gorey its  a fun zombie film that I have loved for years. I also enjoyed the sequel but have passed on Return of the Living Dead 3, 4 and 5.

28 Days Later: 28 Days Later takes a new twist on the apocalypse genre when a group of animal lovers decide to go Free Willy, or in this case a bunch of test chimps and end up getting infected with the RAGE virus and leaving with the sudden urge to rip peoples faces off and make everything they come into contact with lunch. With hints of I am Legend, 28 Days later is easily one of the coolest new takes on the whole zombie genre I have seen in a long time. Well shot with an emphasis on characters while still delivering the creep factor 28 Days later is violent, intense and truly a fantastic apocalyptic tale. Be sure to also checkout 28 weeks later. Equally kick ass!

Right at your Door: When I picked this movie up I wasnt to sure what to make of it. They never really marketed the film to horror fans and I couldnt really judge from the synopsis what the film was about or what I was getting into. Right at Your Door is by no means scary but it is a well written and slow paced character piece about terrorists who try to bring about the end of the world for LA and the United States through a Nuke. The film is the definition of a well written character piece and much like the mist its major highlight is its twists and turns and easiy one of the most fantastic endings in a horror film in some time.

12 monkeys: Cant really do an apocalyptic film list without including this gem. 12 Monkeys stars Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis and this go around Bruce isnt stuck in a high rise fighting off terrorists with witty one liners. He delivers as a man from the future who everyone thinks is a nut bag. Once again the guys with the pocket protectors have sent the earth to hell in a hand bag and its Bruces job with the help of his pals and a whacked out mental patient to save the world. Brad Pitt pleases the crazy nut house patient and absolutely steals the show. This film is dark, creepy, and incredibly well written.

Two Honorable Mentions: Woke up this morning and realized I missed two really good films that I wanted to add onto the list. These two films are The Stand and Children of Men. The Stand is the Stephen King Miniseries which is one of the best apocalpytic series ever made and Children of Men is of course a classic as well about mankind no longer being able to produce children. Both are deep and very dark and well worthy of being on thist list.

There you have it. 10 Man Made Apocalypse Movies for Earth Day. Feel free to submit a review for any of these films that you have seen if you have not already. good or bad lets hear it. And of course be sure to leave me some comments.

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