New Outlander Trailer Featuring He-Man, ThunderCats


A new He-Man tastic Outlander trailer has dropped. Below you can checkout a fan made trailer for OutLander which features none other then He-Man and The Thundercats as well a special guest appearance by The Stay Puff Marshmallow Man!

This is a shot by shot fan trailer for the feature film which is entertaining and fun.Outlander is set in 709AD Norway, the Viking of war and pillage lifestyle is interrupted as a thing crashes to the Earth.

A man from a faraway planet emerges from the wreck and taken captive by the Vikings. However, he wasn't alone...a monster more vicious than any of the Vikings can imagine was on board as well. Now it is up to the strange man combing his advanced weapons with the Vikings in order to defeat the menace.

Outlander has an impressive cast to include John (Alien) Hurt, Ron (Hellboy) Perlman, Sophia (Underworld) Myles and Jim (Unknown) Caviezel.

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