The Cell 2 Trailer


Now I haven't seen Tarsem Singh's debut 2000 The Cell in a few years.  I do remember thought it's exceptional production design and some wonderful cinematography, but I guess the picture never fully grabbed me at a story level.  Maybe it's time I get in another viewing.  But for those fans of The Cell who wanted to get back into the mind of a serial killer, well don't you fret, now you can get a look at it's sequel!

Watch it below courtesy of QuietEarth.  It's pretty much what you would expect, an extremley lower budgeted rehash of the first film.  The Cusp is a serial killer how kills his victims and brings them back to life over and over again until they beg for death.  The only hope for his newest victim rests in Maya, a pyschic investigator who gained her powers while in a coma; after being Cusp's first victim.  She must plunge into the mind of a killer to save his latest victim.

Yeah, basically the first tilm all over again.  And we can say bye-bye to the nice cinematography and bye-bye to the production design.  But, if you are still interested in seeing it, you can pick up the DVD when it hits store shelves on June 23, 2009

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