Definitive List of 70 Upcoming Horror Remakes


I have spent all morning scouring through the site and putting together a complete list of upcoming horror remakes. This is actually the second time I have done this and this go arund I have added a TON of new films to the list. So where as I called the last one the somewhat Complete List of upcoming Horror Remakes I am going to call this one the definitive guide... at least until I go through the site again and add more.

The last time I did this list I had about 50 films on the list and now I have a staggering 70 upcoming horror remakes.  Below is the list in ALPHABETICAL order of every upcoming horror remake I could come up with as well as the details that we have on each film.

13 Tzameti: More thriller then horror but still well worth talking about. 13 Tzameti has already reportedly been shooting in New York and stars Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham. The original is a tale of Russian roulette!

Art of the Devil: In 2008 Cerenzie-Peters Productions bought the rights to the Art of the Devil films. Each original film has its own storyline but the new one is reportedly going to focus on the second film about a woman who tortures and murders her students. Sounds vicious.

Army of Darkness: This is more 'talk' then anything. There is tons of talk of a remake and or sequel it just has never amounted to much. Everytime we turn around Sam Raimi is saying its going ahead and then following it up with its not. So as much as we might see a remake dont expect it anytime soon. Its in the pipes but god knows when.

Anguish: Universal is bringing us a remake of spanish film Anguish. The remake was written by Jake Wade Wall who did AMUSEMENT. Amusement is a great premise that is done VERY badly and has the most frustrating ending ever. He also did When A Strangers Calls and The Hitcher Remake. The original film, directed by Bigas Luna, was a horror-movie-within-a-horror movie. As an audience in a small theater watches a film about an optometrist on a killing spree, a maniac begins killing the moviegoers.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine, the creators of the Internet series "Ask a Ninja", are writing a script with Nichols set to direct. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is a classic b-movie which has already been remade and does not need to be remade again. George Clooney was awesome in it and I have a hard time seeing any way you one up the last one.

The Birds: The folks at Platinum Dunes are remaking this one. The film will star Naomi Watts and will be directed by Martin Campbell. This film is not a true remake since the producers have told us that the film will take its own path. I am one of the few who has enjoyed the Platinum Dunes remakes so I will give this one a shot.

Battle Royale: I don't even know how you go about remaking one of the most visceral movies ever made but no shock that Hollywood is going to try. No word on who will direct or star or when this one might see the light of day.

Creature from the Black Lagoon: There has been lots of talk on this remake just nothing recently. The word is that Bill Paxton will star but you know how early word can change. Breck Eisner will direct

The Crazies: This is a classic Romero film but I have not seen it yet. For some odd reason it has always fallen into the cracks of films that I should see but have not. The film is being directed by Breck Eisner who is only known to me for the horrible action film Sahara. I am hoping for good things but I will likely be disappointed.

Child's Play: Since the film has gone about as stupid as it can get with various sequels it was time for a remake. Its a way the studios can cash in, avoid the stupid sequels and milk more cash out of this killer doll movie franchise. The first film was creepy but the sequels quickly took it into the 'stupid' category. No idea on a release date or director for this one.

Children of the Corn: Children of the Corn is another movie that scared the crap out of me as a kid. The fact its getting remade is sad. SciFi Channel would be producing there very own remake of Stephen King's Children of the Corn. Only this time around they claim that it is more focused around the book rather than the actual film from 1984. David Anders, Kandyse McClure, Preston Bailey and Daniel Newman will star.

Day of the Triffids: Day of the Triffids is being remade by the BBC and will be based in 2011. So the present day by the time it gets to theaters. It is adapted from the 1951 novel and will be written by ER and Law and Order writer Patrick Harbinson.

Dont Be Afraid of the Dark: Troy Nixey will be helming from a script written by Matthew Robbins and del Toro. The original 1973 ABC TV movie was about a woman who moved into a new home only discover she had some unwanted guests crawling within the walls. So it looks like things are beginning to get serious with this one. Be sure to keep it here for more.

Eyes of Laura Mars Remake: John Carpenters classic which starred Faye Dunnaway and Tommy Lee Jones is being remade. Chris Fisher who just finished the sequel to Donnie Darko called S.Darko will be helming and writing the project and is looking to get it off the ground this summer.

The Echo: Do not get me started on this one. Yam Laranas is slated to direct a remake of Sigaw aka The Echo. I am not a very big fan of Asian horror remakes and will be avoiding this one. No word on a release date.

Escape From New York: There has been talk of a new Escape movie for a long time. The script has been put together by Dave Kajganich and rumors have it titled as 'Escape From Earth'. Names such as Gerard Butler have been batted around to star.

Evil Dead: Right off the bat I have to be wary even mentioning Evil Dead. Sam Raimi wants to do it but has said many times the project is not progressing since he is just way to busy. Alot of names have been batted around for the Ash character including Sean William Scott and Ashton Kutcher. At the end of the day this remake is not really in the works at this point but worth mentioning since it has come up alot!

Faces of Death: Not long ago it was announced that JT Petty would be reviving the series by remaking the original. It is more of a new head start rather than a remake I would say.

FunHouse: The original film is being remade by Universal and StrikeForce entertainment. No word on cast or director at this point. The original told the story of a FunHouse that resulted in carnage and death in the funhouse.

The Gate : Alex Winter will be at the helm directing the remake of The Gate. There is also a possibility that the film will also be in 3D. Alex Winter is known for directing Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Freaked. In the original, two teenagers come across a special rock with a beautiful crystalline center in their backyard. The rock enthralls them and they dig up the family's lawn in a search for more of the precious stones. The removal of an old tree in Glen's backyard reveals a large and mysterious hole, a gateway to somewhere dangerous. It's a hidden underground chamber that holds the secret of centuries and the vengeance of eternity. Left alone for three days, brother and sister must contend with the creatures that rise up from "The Gate".

Ghost Busters: This puppy will re-unite the original gang. Columbia Pictures has hired Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky to put together a script. The original Ghost Busters Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson will return and word is it will begin shooting sometime in 2009!

House on Sorority Row: This puppy is quickly sneaking up on us. To be released this October its big claim to fame is that it stars The Hills Hottie Audrina Partridge. I do not watch the hills, nor will I ever but I definitely checkout the tabloid photos of Audrina and she is hot... accept for those hideous fake doo-dads.

The Host: The Host is a really cool movie and one you should all go and checkout. Universal bought the rights to it in 2007 and have tapped Fredrik Bond to direct it. Although he is not very well known their producer is. Gore Verbinski will produce it. No word on a release date yet.

Hellraiser: Hellraiser is one movie that messed with my head as a kid. A remake is in the pipes and originally was going to be in theatres for 2009. No such luck since the film has script issues it seems. Pascal Laugier will direct the project. He directed Martyrs a french film that is insane according to reviews by horror fans.

How To Kill a Child: Filmmax International have picked up the project and are producing. They have attached director David Alcalde with a script from David Munoz. The only other bit of production news is that according to an IMDB listing Diego Luna is set to star. They have also renamed the film In The PlayGround.

I walked with a Zombie: Twisted Pictures also has the rights to this one. Zero word on its status other then Twisted picked up the rights.

It's Alive: This puppy is already in production and stars Bijou Phillips. No word on what sort of release it will get to when.

IT (Stehen Kings): Warner Brothers in association with Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment is starting to put the remake together. They have already announced a Director, Dave Kajganich, who has previously remade Pet Semetary and has written The Invasion as well as the upcoming Escape From New York redux.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Twisted picture is set to remake Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Twisted Pictures is of course the folks known best for the SAW franchise. I am not sure Twisted Pictures are known for anything else but then that might be the wine talking.. its been a long day. There has been no progress on this one that we have heard of but Twisted Pictures has the rights and its in the pipes.

Inglorious Basterds: More thriller then horror but again worth mentioning. This film being done by Quentin Tarantino has an insane cast including Brad Pitt and Eli Roth. This film could deliver a great time.. it could also fall flat like some of Tarantinos other recent productions.

Little Shop of Horrors: Declan Obrien who just completed the direct to DVD horror tale CYCLOPS for Roger Corman is being tapped to do another remake of The Little Shop of Horrors. Pretty safe bet Woody Allen wont be in this one.

Lake Mungo: Paramount Vantage has decided to remake the Australian flick. No word on when. In Lake Mungo Sixteen-year-old Alice Palmer drowns while swimming in the local dam. When her body is recovered and a verdict of accidental death returned, her grieving family buries her. The family then experiences a series of strange and inexplicable events centered in and around their home. Profoundly unsettled, the Palmers seek the help of psychic and parapsychologist, RAY KEMENY. Ray discovers that Alice led a secret, double life. A series of clues lead the family to Lake Mungo where Alice's secret past emerges.

Last House on the Left: This one should not need much intro since its about to explode into theatres this month. This is of course a remake of Wes Cravens original film. Directed by Dennis Iliadis it does not really star anybody worth mentioning. It may however be worth checking out. Early buzz is pretty good.

Let The Right One In: The remake of Let The Right One In called Let Me In is going to go into shooting in May. The film will no doubt begin casting soon.

Monster Squad: Monster Squad was a really fun film and one that I never even saw until recently. Rob Cohen director of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is going to direct a remake for Paramount. Apparently they have just bought the remake rights to Fred Dekker's 1987 cult classic.

Martyrs: Fox has picked up the rights to remake Martyrs originally directed by Pascal Laugier. The original film is highly disturbing and tells the story of a catatonic girl who spent her life incarcerated.

Motel Hell: Originally MGM had the rights to the remake but then sold the rights to Twisted Pictures. No word on any specifics like when the film will see the light of day but rumors are Twisted Pictures plans are to not do a direct remake but turn Motel Hell into an entirely new horror franchise. Update: Turns out this project is back at MGM and Steven C Miller is working on it. Steven C Miller dropped us a line with the update. Tks Steven!

The Monkeys Paw: Todd farmer is doing the sript for The Monkeys Paw Remake based on the 1933 original. The Monkeys paw tells the story of an evil paw that grants wishes that have evil unintended results. A woman wishes for her son to return after his death and he does with consequences.

Nightmare on Elm Street: This one is shooting in Chicago April of 2009. Again brought to us by Platinum Dunes the films focus is going to be on the pedophilia which offended lots of horror fans me included. When the producers announced the overall theme it was frankly in bad taste. Lets hope Nightmare on Elm Street can be a good horror film and not be all about the pedophilia

Night of the Demons : Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson have written the script and from what I have heard them say about it.. there is a lot of blood and sex. Adam Gierasch also directs the film which stars Shannon Elizabeth. Remember when she was all the talk of town? Expect a September release date.

The Orphanage: The studio is promising a huge female lead but I for one will not be holding my breath. Guillermo Del Toro will produce the film, no word on who will star or direct.

Plan 9 From Outter Space: The remake will focus on the serious elements that Wood tried for but failed utterly. For those unfamiliar, Wood's film dealt with aliens bringing back the recently deceased in order to take over the planet. Cult icon Vampira was one of the two recently deceased for the film. Darkstone Entertainment is set to remake the film with its founder John Johnson directing

People Under the Stairs: Once again from Wes Craven he has plans to remake People Under the Stairs. This movie for me is a classic and I have no interest in seeing anybody remake this one. Admittedly if Wes is involved I will have more interest then if he is not.

Predator: Word has it that Robert Rodriguez would like to remake Predator and is working on it. It wont be coming anytime soon when you consider how crazy busy he is on other projects and he also has big demand titles in the wings waiting like Sin City 2.

Piranha: Alexandre Aja is redoing this film but he is promising its not a true remake and he has every intention of doing something new and cool with it. Josh Stolberg wrote the script for this puppy and I believe this one is going to be done in 3-D.

Poltergeist: Last we heard Vadim Perelman was in final talks to helm the Poltergeist remake. The film is being written by screenwriters Juliet Snowden and Stiles White. MGM is of course behind this remake that was originally directed by Tobe Hooper/Steven Spielberg.

PuppetMaster 3-D: Yes kids PuppetMaster is getting the remake treatment and its going to be in 3-D. I know alot of you are big fans of 3-D so no doubt you will be interested in seeing how the classic PuppetMaster looks in 3-D.

Re-animator 3-D: Since My Bloody Valentine 3-D was such a big hit it should come as no shock that producers Ray Haboush and Producer Brian Yuzna are hard at work at Re-Animator 3-D.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: The original film featured Tim Curry in the ultimate camp performance, Susan Sarandon and Meat Loaf. The remake will be produced through MTV and Sky Movies and will be using the original film's screenplay. No cast or director has been attached yet. Executive Producer on the original Lou Adler will also be executive producer on the remake

Room 205: The remake is being done by Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures. It has recently also been renamed from Room 205 to the Dorm. Its the studios way of feeling less dirty about the remake I am sure. The story is pretty basic and follows a young girl who goes off to college. First she is living it up until some very unnatural things begin happening in her room. Then she goes on a wild goose chase trying to figure out who lived in her room before her.

SAW 3-D: Although only in early talks Twisted Pictures has made it clear they would like to do SAW in 3-D. Considering that the franchise has just about run its course it does make sense they either take it to space or go 3-D. 3-D is probably more logical then fighting martians.

Scanners: David Goyer wrote the script and SAW director Darren Lynn Bousman is going to be directing. Dimension is apparently in a rush to get it done and Darren told Fangoria while he was still working on REPO that once Repo wrapped up he would be moving straight to Scanners.

Scream: They are not just planning a remake of Scream they are planning to reboot the entire franchise. Word is they have approached the original cast including Neve Campbell and David Arquette. Wes Craven is also keen to direct if they give him a big pay day. Frankly why the hell do we need a complete reboot of SCREAM?

Shocker: Wes Craven recently announced plans for a Shocker remake. Frankly Shocker is one of his lesser movies and could probably use a remake. Admittedly I did enjoy it but it could have been alot better. No word on writers, or plans on when it will be released.

StepFather: Sony is remaking Step Father and the remake just got a PG 13 rating from the MPAA. What is worse then a remake? A remake with a PG-13 rating. Directed by Nelson McCormack the plot in which "Scary" Jerry has become the stepfather in a family of a beautiful, young widow and a lovely daughter. Unfortunately, Jerry has a very strict definition of the perfect family and his new family just may not be making the cut. When his family starts disappointing him, he's is willing to kill for the American Dream. Look for it in theaters on October 16th.

The Seventh Victim: The Seventh Victim is the story of a woman who goes looking for her sister in New York and runs into a Satanic Cult that knows all to well what happened to her. Originally shot in 1944 the film has no writer yet but has been announced.

Silent Night Deadly Night: David Foster Productions is remaking the movie Silent Night Deadly Night. This is the same production company that did the remake of The Fog which got mixed reviews. You may remember the original movie was too controversial to play in theaters.

Suspiria: Natalie Portman is rumored to be in talks to star in this remake of Dario Argentos classic. No director has been confirmed but Director David Gordon told MTV he was going to be directing it.

They Live: According to the Hollywood Reporter Universal and Strike Entertainment are in negotiations with Les Mougins, who holds the rights to 'They Live, for the remake. Strike's Marc Abraham and Eric Newman are slated to produce, while Shep Gordon (from Les Mougins) and Carpenter will hold executive producer roles.

The Thing: The remake is being written by Ronald D Moore of Battlestar Gallactica fame. It will be based in the Norwegian Camp that we saw in the remake by John Carpenter. This remake however is going to pull alot more from the short story John W. Campbell Jr. wrote called "Who Goes There," which is the basis for both films. Matthijs Van Heijningen will direct.

Total Recall: I loved Total Recall in all its scifi craziness and this one to is getting the remake treatment. Right now producer Neil H. Moritz is in negotiations to develop a remake of the '90 sci-fi actioner with Columbia Pictures

The Wolfman: Starring Benicio Del Toro the Wolfman remake is Universals big budget attempt at breathing new life into the classic tale. Slotted to hit theatres in April this is one remake I am somewhat keen for. This at least is not a new movie that's getting remade. This film also stars Anthony Hopkins a mans man of actors.

Thats all I got for now but rest assured I will be keeping an eye out for more remakes and posting updates as they come in. Does this list scare the hell out of you? Which of these remakes are you looking forward to? Which are you dreading? Sound off in the comments!

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