Toolbox Murders Sequel Update


Its been awhile since we have heard anything about the sequel to ToolBox Murders but today comes word that Brain Krause, Jeffery Combs, Tony Todd, Lance Henriksen, and Red Wes have all signed on to star in the sequel which will be named TBK according to BD

A few months back Fangoria managed to catch up with Special FX guy and first time director Dean Jones about his debut. Jones also laid out the basic premise of the sequel:

"The story will pick up where the first movie left off. We will be bringing back Nell [played in the original by Angela Bettis] and her husband, plus a few other characters.

The story will continue to take place in Hollywood. This time you will see more of the killer, there will be more murders and more of a backstory about where he’s from and how he came to be.”

I enjoyed the remake of Toolbox Murders but cant say I am overly sold on the need for a sequel.

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