More ALIEN Prequel Talk


Tom Rothman the big cheese over at FOX is once again talking about a potential prequel story to Aliens. This comes as no surprise to me since earlier in the week we got the word that Robert Rodriquez is doing a PREDATOR reboot. The last word that we had on an ALIEN prequel was that Danny Boyle was in talks to direct but that ended up going nowhere. Mr Rothman tells IESB;

Ridley Scott, Ridley is right now working on Robin Hood, but I think he's toying with the idea and that would be great for us. I mean, it's always been a matter of, really, if you can get the originator to do it that would be the greatest thing, so I've got my fingers crossed, all of them."

I think a prequel that takes us to the home world and shows us the true roots of the Aliens would be absolutely fantastic. That said I am hungry for any good ALIENS spin off movie.

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