Nine Horror Movie Viruses Scarier Then Swine Flu


With Swine flu terrifying the world and causing near pandemonium I wanted to take a look at nine horror movies based on viruses that make Swine Flu look like a good alternative. As an unrelated side note I have had flu like symptoms all week long and the whole Swine Flu thing certainly has me questioning my mortality. So what better way to make myself feel better then to look at 7 Virus Horror Movies Scarier then Swine Flu.

The Andromeda Strain: The Andromeda Strain movie was actually done twice and is based off the hit novel by Michael Crichton. The movie tells the tale of a satellite dish that falls to space and quickly infects and kills people in the town it lands in. The virus quickly spreads and a crack team  of scientists work in an underground lab to figure out what is causing the deaths only to find an outcome that is both shocking and entertaining. Its their own virus but from where is the real riddle. Creepy and resulting in the near destruction of mankind its a well written tale of death by virus.

Resident Evil: Never trust a company that sounds all warm and fuzzy like 'The Umbrella Corporation'. In Resident Evil the T-Virus is released deliberately in an underground lab and a crack team must fight to isolate the virus and contain it. Of course along the way they have to face and fight off hordes of the undead who have been re-animated and in some cases mutated by the virus. Although I put off seeing this movie for a long time since it got pretty bad reviews I am one of the few who really enjoyed it.

The Stand: Stephen King movies are typically really hit or miss on quality but The Stand mini series about a virus that escapes from a military lab is one of my all time favorite series. The mini-series which aired on TV many years ago told the end of mankind on a grand scale and even incorporated biblical ties. Well shot and very creepy it combined great writing with a great cast and a virus that kills just about everyone accept for a few good men.. and an awful lot of bad men set on building a brand new Sodom. Without a doubt one of my favorite mini series!

Mulberry Street: Mulberry Street was part of the original After Dark HorrorFest and tells the tale of a new virus infection that is spread by rats. This very nasty virus that ends up infecting everyone living on Mulberry Street turns them into flesh eating zombies and pits the whole neighbourhood into a battle for survival. Although the film is definitely low budget with lower production values this actually helps the film in portraying a stark and violent virus tale.

I am Legend: Remade a few times over the years the latest incarnation had Will Smith fighting to cure the disease which was created to cure cancer and has turned almost everyone into blood thirsty vampire like creatures. Although the CGI effects in the latest remake were not very good the overall scope of the story was fantastic and they did an excellent job at showing a world without life as one man tries to maintain his sanity and survive in a world alone.... well accept for the critters trying to make him lunch each evening. Well done story with great acting that could have done with better visual FX but still was a great virus tale.

28 Days Later: This is one of my favorite lower budget films to come out in a long time. Shot for a minimal budget it takes an all new look at the zombie genre as some local animal rights activists break into a lab and unleash hell in the form of the Running dead.. not the walking dead. A man wakes up from a coma after an accident and discovers the world has changed in a very bad way and must find his way to survive. Dark and very stark in its portrayal of the world you really get the feel that the world ended abruptly and without ceremony. Fantastic film that brings some serious scares to the virus angle of horror films.

Cabin Fever: I realize alot of you hate this movie and really can not fault you. I am one of the few who found it quite entertaining. A few young couples head to a Cabin in the woods and get the kind of cabin fever you don't want. They end up getting infected with a virus and needless to say in classic Eli Roth fashion the outcome is not pretty.

Doomsday: This film without question had to make the list. Its basically a mix of 28 Days Later and Mad Max as a man made virus wipes out all of Scotland. The remaining survivors are left to fend for themselves and form what would be best described as the opposite of utopia. When the virus returns turning people into mushy psychopathic killers the government goes behind the fence to find the cure and encounters things just as bad as the virus they were looking to cure. Great flick, great visuals and a dark tale that is definitely entertaining.

Quarantine: Take your pick here. Could be REC on the list could have been Quarantine. I opted for Quarantine figuring more of you have seen it then the original Spanish Film REC which it was based on. A group of Firemen get dispatched to a call in an apartment building and soon find themselves on the wrong side of a virus that is turning the tenants into flesh eating zombies. Shot in the style of Blair Witch it is both disturbing and highly entertaining. IF you have not seen Quarantine watch it but be sure to also consider checking out the original REC.

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