The Identity of the Zodiac Killer Finally Revealed


Wow! Thats all I can say. The identity of the zodiac killer has been finally revealed and the SFist is reporting that it is Guy Ward Hendricksen. Just yesterday I did an editorial on 5 True Story Horror Movies that are True and included the Zodiac and mentioned he has never been identified. So much for that. The identity is revealed by his daughter who not only claims that the Zodiac killer was her father but that she was present for some of the killings. Some of the items she revealed in a press conference include

  • She was present for some of the shootings
  • She was the one who put the stamps on the envelopes with the cryptic letters that were sent to the media.
  • She made the mask that he wore during the killings
  • He was stopped once and he hid the gun in her pants.
  • She claims he killed up to 40 people
  • He apologized for the killings on his deathbed
  • She claims that the killings were a special bonding experience between father and daughter.

This all is pretty insane and quite frankly it surprises me that a little girl could hide this for so many years. You will recall that originally everyone thought Arthur Leigh Allen was the killer but he was vindicated by DNA when he died. Apparently she came forward to beat an investigator who was preparing to come forward and reveal that they knew who the killer was. This is pretty huge news and also quite shocking. Guy Ward Hendricksen died of Cancer in the 90's.

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