Jennifer Lynch's Hisss Posters


From Avery comes two posters for HISS. Once again he sent them a week ago and somehow my email ate it. The two posters look pretty snazzy. Robert Kurtzman is doing the special FX on this bad boy.

The story of "Hisss" follows a ruthless American who, fascinated by the ancient folklore of the nagin, travels to India to find out the truth. In the jungles of India, he captures the mate of the nagin for the magical powers of its nagmani, a mythical gem embedded in its hood. The nagin transforms into a femme fatale and comes to the modern world to track down her lover. She wreaks revenge on those who stand in the way of their reunion and also on her mate’s captors. Her desperate search and subsequent quest for revenge results in a breakneck chase with a trail of bodies and narrow escapes.


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