From Dead Snow to Hansel and Gretel


Tommy Wirkola first whippped up a nice little nazi zombie flick that everyone seemed to enjoy quite a bit, Dead Snow. We had covered that film rather extensively here and so today when I read this announcement I was pretty excited. Not only does it sound pretty funny it also has a bad ass edge to it as well.

Wirkola's next project is going to be called Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. The film takes place 15 years after their incident with the grandmother in the gingerbread house. Now after all that time they have become witch hunters that probably have some kind of mental scars from that childhood trauma to boot.

The film is said to be in the vein of Shaun of the Dead and Evil Dead 2. "The idea is, they've grown up and they hunt witches," Producer Adam McKay told THR. "It's a hybrid sort of old-timey feeling, yet there's pump-action shotguns. Modern technology but in an old style. We heard it and we were just like, 'That's a freakin' franchise! You could make three of those!' "

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