Can David Slade Redeem The Twilight Movies?


A question that has been bugging me for awhile now is the whole status of Twilight Eclipse which is being helmed as you should know by David Slade. I am not a teen-girl so not only am I not interested in Twilight I will never watch the film. I would sooner pull my teeth out with an old pair of pliers.

I realize there are a lot of fans who are really into the movie and that's great... but the movie is not for me. I am not into teenage fluff that offers nothing of any consequence or depth. I like my movies full of depth and character and if its a vampire movie I would also like my vampires to be well... vampires.

So with that all said and done I now find myself facing an odd quandary. I hate the thought of Twilight but yet you mix that with David Slade and my brain melts down trying to do the computations on whether the third Twilight Movie might actually be good... or just more of the same teen-angst-fluff.

Its so hard of a decision I simply can not make my mind up. As much as Twilight is a love story for teens which lacks any substance for ME, David Slade is a very talented director who brings a ton of substance and a distinct dark style to all his films. Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night are five star films and ones that I am sure 99% of horror fans can agree are beyond fantastic. So the question becomes what happens when you take light weight fare and throw an incredibly talented director at it? Will Twilight finally offer something for a wider audience or will David Slade have his first big disappointment for us his die hard fans? If David Slade is given the freedom to do what Christopher Nolan did for Batman fans could end up with a darker, deeper and much more fleshed out TWILIGHT that could appeal to an even larger audience. It would also mean even more insane box office numbers.

What are your thoughts? Are you a Twilight Fan? If so what do you think of the direction choice? If your not a Twilight Fan does the David Slade factor give you at least some second thoughts on whether you should see the film or not? Sound off in the comments.

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