Roger Avary Directing Silent Hill 2?


Radha Mitchell talks Silent Hill 2We have been keeping you very informed about Silent Hill 2 recently and today some more news has surfaced online. In a recent interview on, Bret Easton Ellis was asked if Roger Avary was going to direct Glamorama and he let this slip,

"He’s going to be shooting Silent Hill 2.  As far as Glamorama, it’s just very hard to get the money to make it."

Soon after this interview was posted however our source said the film was dead in the water because it missed the window in which it was supposed to be shot. Our source also told us that they were not going to go as dark with Silent Hill 2 and they wanted to cast more young hot looking people which on its own makes my stomach turn.

According to our source Radha Mitchell was also not returning. Our source also goes on to say that although the film will not be shooting soon it will still very likely happen.

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