Maxims Top 100 Hotties, Horror Edition


Maxim has put out their annual Top 100 hotties and I have taken the time to go through the list and weed out the non horror hotties to bring you my own Maxim Top list featuring girls of horror. Since any one of these ladies can have the right to eat crackers in my bed without being kicked out it is in no particular order.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: What isnt there to love about Jennifer Love Hewitt? I like most that she is not one of these super skinny chicks that needs to eat a sandwich. She is a real woman that is all kinds of hot and proportioned just the way us lads like em... hot! She came to fame with I Know What You Did Last Summer and has since been doing Ghost Whisperer which I will just leave completely alone.

Ali Larter: Ali is another natural beauty who just starred in the dark thriller Obsessed along side Beyonce. I bet the movie may have actually been pretty cool with her playing a psycho stalker its just a shame they cast Beyonce in the lead which drove off the die hard horror fans who laughed out loud just at the casting announcement.

Olivia Munn: Thats right kids I managed to get Olivia Munn on this list. How you ask? Well she to had a foray into the horror genre. She played Nancy in the horror flick Insanitarium which I am not sure anybody saw. For those who dont watch G4, shes the brunetted on the left :)

Mila Kunis: Meow. I love Mila's exotic look and although she hasnt had alot of hard hitting acting gigs she does have some great talent. She starred in American Psycho 2 with William Shatner and I thought she did an awesome job. Although admittedly alot of you didnt agree with me when I said as much in my editorial about Horror Sequels That Live Up to the Original.

Olivia Wilde: Olivia is another one who has a very exotic look. Although not the top of my own personal list I wouldnt mind if she ended up getting cracker crumbs on my mattress. She starred in Turistas which I thought was a pretty creepy movie.

Megan Fox: Another one that isnt really my type since she strikes me as really high maintenance but again I refer you to my cracker theory. She will get her big debut in the horror genre head lining Jennifers Body. We will see if she can hold her own headlining her own film.

Eliza Dushku: She starred in Wrong Turn and that is one of my all time favorite deranged backwoods killer films. She then went on to star in The Alphabet Killer which was for me a horrible film but the one highlight was her opting to strip off all her clothes and give us lads a really good look at her assets.

Jordana Brewster: Jordana Brewster starred in the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre where she showed off how to wear low ride jeans the right way. She also starred in The Faculty which is another favorite of mine alongside the insanely hot Salma Hayek

What you should get from this editorial is that their are an awful lot of hot chicks doing horror films. The second thing you should take from this is you should really be subscribing to Maxim Magazine if you have a thing for the ladies like I do. Checkout the complete Top 100 right here

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