Not So Fast... Zodiac Killers Identity Revealed


A week ago we posted that the identity of the Zodiac Killer had finally been revealed. It was a really interesting read that had some creepy elements to it but lets be honest... we all wondered how much truth it held. One claim she made which makes it VERY easy to prove whether she is lieing is she said she mailed the letters. With simply DNA testing they can confirm this by testing the same stamps they tested to clear the name of Arthur Leigh Allen  who they thought was the Zodiac Killer up until his death.

That said ThorSwitch one of our community members has posted some pretty damning information which makes it pretty clear that their is some issues with this woman and its got nothing to do with being the Zodiac Killers daughter. Thor posted the following which comes from Michael Phelps a True Crime Author and TrueCrimeReport;

I was extremely interested Debbie's story, for obvious reasons. It sounded good. Seemed to add up. I had a handwriting expert friend of mine working on samples she sent me (he has since died). I was going through all of the paperwork she had sent me. I checked her out as much as I could and she seemed to have a good standing. Then she called one day and told me she was JFK's illegitimate child and was with Robert and Rose Kennedy the day before Robert was murdered. And that's when I stopped talking to her. I felt duped at that point. The chances of her being the Zodiac's daughter are a million to one--the chances of her being both JFK's daughter and the Zodiac's daughter are a gazillion to none. I feel sorry for Debbie. I really do. That's why I never went public with her story. I just simply moved on. I get calls like that a few times a year from people claiming to be all sorts of things. I hardly take them as far or as serious as I did with Debbie

In a followup the other daughter of the supposed Zodiac Killer told the SFGate that her father was not the killer. Community Member Swampthing gives us this quote;

"My father was real bullheaded, and he did have a temper, and he did hit me ... slapped the crap out of me," Hendrickson, 65, told The Chronicle. "But did he kill people? I don't believe he did."

At this point it seems pretty apparent who is NOT the Zodiac Killer but she definitely got her 15minutes of fame... or shame... depending on how you look at it. The quote above comes from TrueCrimeReport who have a really interesting piece you should read right here

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