Jake Wests Next Film: Killer Models


You know I am starting to think that Jake West has mommy issues. What with his current film being about man eating zombie women ( DogHouse ) and his next to be a film about psychotic killer models. From UHM comes word on his next project. Jake West tells them quote;

"I’ve got a couple of scripts by Dan Schaffer who wrote Doghouse. One of them is called Kill Darlings that is based off a comic book he wrote that has not been published yet. Its kind of like American Psycho meets A Clockwork Orange, its about psychotic killer models; these high fashioned models who go on a killing spree but they only really kill celebrities. Its really insane and quite satirical as well and it will be full on horror.

Next we have a really crazy over the top action flick called Rollover, as well, which has gore and laughs and different than anything you’ve seen before. We have quite a few things in the pipeline and depending on how Doghouse does we’ll see when we get those up and running."

I am a big fan of the Jake West films I have seen and will give any project of his a shot.

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