House of flying Daggers director interview

Russ Fischer from had the chance for visiting a press conference with  Zhang Yimou and  Zhang Ziyi (who plays 'Mei' in the movie).

Q: No one who knows your career as a director so far would have expected you to have two films of this genre back to back. How did this happen?

ZY: It was once said that any male Chinese director will have the urge to shoot a martial arts film. I like the genre a lot, so we did another one.

Q: Is this a new direction, then?

ZY: We were looking at martial arts novels, and these kind of themes. And any of the classic novels have been filmed at least three times already. So then we started creating our own storylines. We developed two stories together, and couldn't decide between either one, so we just did the two stories one after the other.

Q: When Ang Lee shot Crouching Tiger, he talked about the special effects that come into play. However, there's one thing that cannot be a special effect, which is the starting position of Zhang Ziyi's dance in the first scene. What is your dance background?

ZZ: I started in traditional Chinese dance when I was eleven years old, and I studied that for six years. I worked really hard at that for those six years, and our teacher was really tough. We were up at five o'clock in the morning for every practice. And the dance background made it easier for me to .....

You can read the whole interview here.

Source: Movie Infos (German Site)

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