All the Twilight Books in 60 Seconds


Although many of you will not admit it there are alot of you fans on the site. That said I am clearly not. Have not read the books, dont know squat about them. So JackalQueen one of our finest members took a minute to write up a brief overview of the Twilight Books which I am calling 'Twilight in 60 Seconds'. Here is what all the books are about according to Jackal in a really abridged coles notes fashion;

Twilight Bella Swan moves to a small town to live with her father.  She is intrigued by the enigmatic Cullen family, particularly Edward, who seems to hate her for no reason.  Despite warnings from her friend Jacob, they become friends and, after he saves her from being attacked, she realises that he is a vampire. 

She is not scared off, especially after finding out that the Cullen's do not drink human blood.  They start dating but no one else knows Edward’s secret. 

While she is out with the Cullen's, they meet three other vampires who have been on a killing spree.  Annoyed at not being allowed to kill her, one of the vampires starts hunting Bella, both to kill her and get revenge on Edward.  They have to try and save her before she is killed, without raising suspicions in her mortal family.

New Moon Despite being in love with her, Edward leaves Bella as he thinks it is the only way to keep her out of danger.  She is broken-hearted and turns to her friend Jacob to keep her mind occupied.  He falls in love with her and is worried by her increasingly dangerous behaviour.  She jumps off a cliff and nearly drowns but is saved by Jacob and his friends.  They have all started acting strangely and she finds out this is because they are werewolves. 

The recent vampire attacks have awoken some ancient Native American spell that turns the young men into werewolves to protect their land.  Edward’s sister had seen a vision of Bella jumping off the cliff and he now thinks she is dead.  He is devastated and goes to the Volturi, the head vampires, to ask to be killed.  She had been developing feelings for Jacob but on finding this out, she realises she still loves Edward and has to try and reach him to tell him she is still alive before he is killed.

Eclipse The town is stunned by a series of mysterious deaths in a nearby city.  Bella, the Cullen's and the werewolf tribe all know that vampires are involved.  The relationship between the vampires and werewolves is very uneasy and Bella is torn between her growing feelings for Jacob and her love for Edward. 

She is determined that she wants to become a vampire herself but if the Cullen's go through with doing this, it will break the truce between the vampires and the werewolves and they will kill each other.  If they don’t go through with it, the Volturi will kill them for allowing a mortal to discover their secret. 

The rogue vampires are heading to town to kill everyone, which will also expose the vampire secret and attract the attention of the Volturi so the Cullen's and werewolves have to put aside their differences and fight together to save the town and save themselves.

Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward get married and by the time they come back from their honeymoon, she is about to give birth because the baby is obviously part vampire and grows at a supernatural rate. 

The baby nearly kills her during the birth and the only way Edward can save her is to make her a vampire.  They try to keep her away from the baby, and her family, because they are worried that she won’t be able to stick to their ideals about not drinking human blood but she is able to control her cravings thanks to a power that she has of protecting those around her. 

The baby keeps growing at an alarming rate and is seen by another vampire who goes to the Volturi to report them because they think they have taken a human child and turned it into a vampire.  The Volturi come to kill them all but other vampires and werewolves come to vouch for them and the child.  The Volturi still want to kill them to keep the child for themselves so Bella has to use her new powers to make them think again.

There you have it. Now thanks to Jackal you to know the entire story of Twilight. Thanks to JackalQueen for being so nice as to write this up... even if it has not swayed me to go see the movies :)

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