Dead Snow Literally Using T&A to Advertise


Today has been a rather slow news day so when I came across this video I thought I would share it will you all. At first it just comes across as a really weird, other worldly music video. But after laughing for awhile all of a sudden out came a bunch of signs for Dead Snow!

The singer in the video is Linni Meister who is a glamour model apparently in Norway. She did this song about a year ago and finally got the money to shoot the music video. Well according to her blog which is a little troublesome to translate but apparently the producer Kjetil Omberg produced the video. Omberg is also the producer on Dead Snow and wanted to promote his film in the music video.

Well that is the gist of how this video came about. I must warn you however that this is definitely not safe for work. So all warnings aside.. prepare for hilarity and confusion.

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