Writer Down For the Count, Get Well Soon JMH314


Jmh314 informed me yesterday that he is recovering from surgery and since he is a key member of the family around here I wanted to take a minute and say get well soon. Now its a shame he is recovering from Surgery due to his own sillyness.

He actually was stupid enough to take on a horde of zombies with a double barrel shotgun. Have we not all learned by now that if you intend to survive a zombie outbreak that you need to rely on tools that actually make sense. Two shots really wont cut it once you have to face the other 48 zombies that have chased you down into the basement. So let JMH314's mistakes be a lesson to you all... always go for the machete, it wont run out of bullets.

In all seriousness get well soon JMH314. We will all pretend to miss you while you recover :)

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