Awesome teaser: Evil in the Time of Heroes

Not many people are aware of the Greek zombie film Evil aka To Kako.  It was a very low budget production that saw some festival success and got a DVD release but I am almost positive a majority of people reading this never saw it.  However, dont let never seeing the original stop you from watching the kick ass teaser for To Kako 2 aka Evil in the Time of Heroes.  The film looks quite interesting as it takes place in both modern times and ancient Greece.  And if that does quite seal it, make a bearded Billy Zane kicking ass in a monk-like robe will.  Seriously, check out the teaser trailer for Evil in the time of Heroes below that TwitchFilm got their hands on and tell me that doesnt look like it could be kick ass.  

I am not sure if this is still in production or in post, but its gearing up for an October release.  And if you dont mind ultra low budget, foreign splatter films then do yourself a favor and try and dig up a copy of Evil and see that before Evil in the Time of Heroes hits.

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