Nightbreed Director's Cut Just Out Of Reach

Clive Barker's Nightbreed is one of those movies that suffered brutal attacks by executives, which resulted in large amounts of footage being removed from the film before it's release.  Along with Mimic, Phantasm II, Halloween 6, and numerous others, rumors of Director's Cuts, lost footage and such have floated around for years.  But, now it seems we're one major step closer to getting Clive Barker's original vision restored.

According to Clive Barker's website, a close friend of his named Mark Miller took some to go hunting for any leads for the rumored Nightbreed footage.  There is excellent news.  The footage does exist!  Mark Miller:

"One fan set out in search of the truth, armed only with a few phone numbers and the power of a name...On one call I was transferred to a production executive. You already know what I told him, so let me tell you what he told me: He Can Access The Lost Nightbreed Footage At Any Time.

"My jaw dropped. Struggling to remember my already limited vocabulary, I asked what had to happen in order for the footage to see the light of day. He explained to me that someone, namely one of the higher ups, had to have a good reason to pull it out of storage. I, having that good reason, nodded and thanked him. He couldn't have been a nicer guy.  Excited, I pictured myself walking through large dusty warehouses filled from floor to ceiling with ancient reels of arcane footage. I’m sorry to report, that's not what happened.

"Shortly after, one of said higher ups was gracious enough to give me a moment of his time. I was shocked when he told me there wasn't a big enough audience for the film and that the answer to my request must be no.  'Not even worth the cost to upgrade to Blu-ray,' he said.  Ouch.

Okay, higher ups aren't interested in pursuing restoration of Barker's film from the standpoint it'd be fairly costly to 1. restore the footage to presentable form and 2. reincorporate it back into the film.  Even so, the good news is the footage does exist.  And there might be a chance to get the film released.  If Clive Barker's fanbase rallies and shows they do want a Director's Cut, higherups might start moving and we might get it. 

Head over to Clive Barker's site to find out how you can help get a director's cut of Barker's film with hopefully some bonus material.  If there's enough voice for it, I don't see why it shouldn't get released, I mean we've seen quite a few cult films getting polished for DVD within the last few years, let's keep the trend going.  Maybe we might finally see other films getting restored and released.
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