Best Worst Movie Coming To DC

As many folks know, I gripe on a regular basis that even though I live an hour from the nation's capitol, really nothing big in terms of a genre event ever comes to Washington DC.  Well, prepare for the invasion of the best worst movie ever made, The Best Worst Movie Troll 2 is invading DC! 

The AFI-Discovery Channel Silver Documentary Festival will have two screenings of the documentary covering the production and aftermath of the gloriously epic Italian disaster Troll 2.  This marks it's East Coast Premiere.  Directed by Michael Stephenson (who was the boy lead in the film), The Best Worst Movie chronicles the misadventure of the making of Troll 2 and to the present, where it follows various former cast and crew members as they try to come to grips with the film that has become a classic to many.

The Best Worst Movie will play on Friday June 19, 8:45pm and Saturday June 20, 8:15pm.  But if you're not jazzed up enough as it is, after the Friday showing, a special showing of Troll 2 will occur and dentist/star George Hardy will be there!  Head over to the AFI website and secure your tickets for film!  I already have secured a ticket for the Friday showing, hoping to see you there!
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