Two Covers For Dethlok vs The Goon Revealed


Not long ago it was announced in a rather funny preview video that Adult Swims Metalocalypse and Eric Powell's The Goon were finally going to meet. Not only meet but they are going to battle. Currently they have the book hitting comic shelves on July 15th for $3.50 in a one shot. They will also be doing two different covers one by Eric Powell and the other by Dethlok band designer and series director, Jon Schnepp.

The first cover below is the one by Jon Schnepp and the second is of course by Powell. Check out the short blurb that they have issued along with the cover below as well.

From Eric Powell and the creators of Adult Swim's Metalocalypse! Since 2006, Metalocalypse has been bringing its special brand of dark comedy to the masses through the American/Scandinavian death-metal band Dethklok. And, since 1999, The Goon has contributed the best in bucktoothed zombie brawls to the world of comics. This combo is not peanut butter and chocolate. It's more like motor oil and nails.

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