Shimizu's The Shock Labyrinth 3-D Details!

Takashi Shimuzu is one of my favorite foreign film directors.  He is responsible for the first 4 Ju-on films in Japan as well as a little gem called Marebito.  He was also at the helm of The Grudge and Grudge 2 on american soil before finally bowing out of the franchise in both America and Japan.  He is very good at atmospheric films as the first Ju-on films in Japan and Marebito show, and after 3 years he has decided to return to horror.  Not only is he returning to horror, but he is returning to make Japan's first ever 3-D horror film

TwitchFilm reports that Shimizu's return to japanese horror and first forray into 3-D is title The Shock Labyrinth.  The Shock Labyrinth is going to be an original screenplay by Daisuke Hosaka Untitled Documentbut the concept is based on Senritsu Meikyu (translated as The Shock Labyrinth) which is an attraction at the Fuji-Q High Land amusement park near Mt Fuji.  The Senritsu Meikyu attraction holds the Guiness World Record for "The longest horror-house walk through" and Shimizu is going to be filming The Shock Labyrinth in the actual amusement park attraction during park's closed hours.  One of the films producers, Masayuki Tanishima, has stated "This is not going to be a slasher, or a typical J-horror. We are making a ‘shocker.’ ”

The official plot synopsis is as follows:
One rainy night, Yuki, a girl missing for 10 years, suddenly comes back. Her friends Ken, Hajime, Rin, and sister Miyu feel a bit of confusion with the sudden return, but they welcome her. Later that night, Yuki suddenly faints and they try to take her to a hospital. But the hospital they arrive turns out to be a decayed and very mystical place… like a labyrinth.

The film is currently shooting on location at Fuji-Q High Land's Senritsu Meikyu attraction and plan is to have the film released in Japan in October 2009.  I think thats a pretty ambitioyus date for a 3-D project that just started filming but I say bring it on.  With Shimizu at the helm and the films producer saying its going to be  a "shocker" this is one 3-D film I actually cant wait to see

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