Wes Craven Talks Scream Remake


DigitalSpy caught up with Wes Craven who revealed that he has indeed been in talks to direct the upcoming Scream reboot. Admittedly not alot of this is 'new' per say but read what he told them;

"Bob Weinstein (The Weinstein Company co-chairman) has talked to me, he's interested in me directing it. I had a brief conversation with Kevin [Williamson], I know that Kevin is writing. What I've said to Bob is I'm not closed to it, I'm not open to it, I'll be perfectly happy to read a script and tell him what I think. That's where it's at and I'm not expecting a script until August. I don't know what the premise is or anything."

Up until now we have been calling it a remake but thats not quite how Wes see's it. He says;

"I don't think it's a reboot and Kevin, when he talked to me, said, 'Remember, it's not just Scream 4, it's Scream 5 and 6.' So I guess he has a trilogy in mind."

You will recall that all the original key players are being talked to about coming back including Courtney 'Oh My God Your Hot' Cox. David Arquette and Neve Campbell.

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