Ezra Buzzington Starring in Breath of Hate


Velvet Hammer Films and ArsonCuff Entertainment have tapped Ezra Buzzington to play the lead in the upcoming, “Breath of Hate”. Last seen opposite Kiefer Sutherland in “Mirrors” and currently in Rob Zombie’s “H2”, Buzzington will collaborate, once again, with director Sean Cain (“Silent Night, Zombie Night”) in this Jack Ketchum-esque horror film.

The Wes Laurie penned script, “Breath” centers around a young woman in the escort business, who on her last job is confronted by a trio of escaped mental patients looking to change the world; one victim at a time. "I can't wait to wrap my guts around this guy." Buzzington says. "I get him. Man, do I get him. Every time I fucking drive in LA."

Buzzington and Cain’s last successful collaboration was on “Someone’s Knocking at the Door”, another horror film Cain produced and Buzzington starred alongside genre vets such as Vernon “Commando” Wells and Lew “The Devil’s Rejects” Temple. It recently had its European premiere at the prestigious Amsterdam’s Fantastic Film Festival.

“Breath” begins filming in late summer. This is the second production out of Wes Laurie’s ArsonCuff Entertainment and Sean Cain’s Velvet Hammer Films who are currently finishing post-production on “Silent Night, Zombie Night.”

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