No Arnold Cameo in Predators Remake


So much for the rumors of an Arnold cameo in the predators reboot by Robert Rodriguez. Last week the web was abuzz with rumors that Rodriguez has reached out to Arnold to have him star. Today from the fine folks at AICN comes word its simply not true. Robert tells them ;

Actually, what probably happened is someone conjured that up because of my 1994 draft, that had Dutch as a main character. And then it probably just built from there.

But no, we're still writing a new script, and although I know Arnold personally and he's the coolest person on the planet, I have not contacted him about this at all at this time. As promised, I'll keep you posted on such developments since Predator is such a fan favorite.

But then again, he could very well have told someone he'd be into it. Who knows? Personally, I haven't heard anything. But it's still early in the day.

Sorry kids bt at this point it seems there will be no DUTCH in the predators reboot.

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