Phantasm II To DVD This Fall

It's somewhat odd in a franchise such as Phantasm where you really need to see the previous entry to understand what the heck is going on in the current film that the key second film is noticeably absent from store shelves.  That is because Universal Studios over the years has decided it isn't worthwhile to distribute the film onto DVD in the United States, the film has only been available via bootleg or from overseas.

But, that may finally change this fall.  Universal looks to be hopping on the bandwagon of releasing cult classics to DVD at long last.  Videobusiness has a listing of upcoming release dates for movies and down at the far bottom, Phantasm II has a listing!  Exciting news isn't it? 

However it doesn't mean that the wildly popular Phantasm Sphere Set will be made for NTSC R1 (which is what the USA is) as the distribution rights for parts 1, 3 & 4 are held by Anchor Bay and part 2 is held by Universal.  Since Universal hasn't shown cooperation in selling the rights and now has made a release date, doubtful we'll see the complete sphere set.

But do not be depressed my friends.  At least the film is coming, which is good news.  And hopefully with if it sells well, we'll see studios continuing to release various cult films and original cuts of other films.  Still waiting on the original cuts of Halloween 6 and The KeepPhantasm II is to hit stateside on September 15 for the retail price of $19.98.  We'll update you as soon as special features and artwork are announced.
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