Contest: HellRaiser CUBE Collectors Set


I hinted at it and the contest is now finally here. I have been working my butt off getting the site updated and preparing for our first monthly contest relating to reviews. For the month of June the Top Critic is going to win themself one sweet ass Hellraiser Cube Boxset. Every review you submit has a handy dandy timestamp on it and every review so far for June and every review up until July 1st will count in this contest.

The critic who is the most popular overall will win this bad ass set. The points you earn are based on popularity of your review, as well as number of reviews. It is setup in such a fashion that anyone can win, which you will be able to see from the list below. People with 1 review or 50 reviews, since its based on popularity as well as number of reviews anyone can win. Case and point DeadHorse13 is currently winning after submitting only 1 review this month.

So with that said here is where we are at so far with the rankings. I will update you all throughout the month as things progress so you know where things stand.

  1. DeadHorse13 with 1995 points
  2. Blacktequilakiss with 1956 points
  3. PenningtonNY10 with 1248 points
  4. Gardenofstone10 with 1012 points
  5. Alien25 with 665 points
  6. Azatoth with 470 points
  7. Suspiria89 with 371 points
  8. Killswitch 374 points
  9. Aidan 13 with 337 points
  10. Alex1761 with 291 points
  11. JMH314 with 281 points
  12. ILH with 246 points
  13. Googopqp with 112 points

Remember every review submitted contributes to this contest which means this list will be updated regularly. I will very likely put a live leaderboard somewhere since I intend to make this a new monthly feature. The reviews that counted towards this are listed below any reviews you contribute from this point forward will automatically be added to your points once it is approved.

Drag Me To Hell - Written by deadhorse13
Drag Me to Hell - Written by PenningtonNY10
Drag Me To Hell (2009) - Written by Gardenofstone10
Drag Me To Hell - Written by BlackTequilaKiss
Seed (2007) - Written by BlackTequilaKiss
Nightmares In A Damaged Brain (1981) - Written by BlackTequilaKiss
Grace - Written by killswitch
Outlander (2008) - Written by Aidan13
Eden Log - Written by alien25
Outlander - Written by alien25
God of War II - Written by alex1176
The Children (2008) - Written by jmh314
Night Watch (2004) (English Language) - Written by azathoth
Sublime - Written by ILH
Bad Reputation - Written by Suspiria_89
Ghosts of Mars - Written by azathoth
Autopsy - Written by Suspiria_89
Cannibal Holocaust - Written by Googopqp
Let The Right One In (2008) - Written by BlackTequilaKiss
Baby Blues - Written by JoeTerror
Slaughter High(1986) - Written by RIP
Daywatch - Written by azathoth
Land of the Dead - Written by BlackTequilaKiss
Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) - Written by BlackTequilaKiss
Boo (2005) - Written by BlackTequilaKiss
I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) - Written by BlackTequilaKiss
The Number 23 (2007) - Written by BlackTequilaKiss
Anthropophagus - Written by Googopqp

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