More Godzilla Final Wars Movie News

Godzilla news has been dropping all over online recently. First off Godzilla will officially get a star on the walk of fame on November 29th. Congrats G! His 50th anniversary is November 4th so it will be a nice gift to that big guy.

Soon there will also be a tribute CD which will feature the likes of Sum 41, Zebrahead, Hoobstank, 10 Feet, and a lot more. I assume this CD is just a tribute and none of the songs will actually be in the movie. I don't think Ryuhei Kitamura would find that fitting for the so called "last Godzilla movie".

Lastly Godzilla Final Wars title credits will be done by Kyle Cooper. He has produced many famous titles including those of 7even, Spider-Man 1 & 2, and Mission Impossible.

Souces: Monster Zero

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