Ghosts/Aliens Gains Two More


Jonathan Sadowski and Keir O'Donnell have signed on to star in Comedy Centrals pilot for Ghosts/Aliens. In addition to being a live action comedy show Paramount Vantage also plans on making this into a film as well. If the film does come to fruition the stars would also be attached to the film.

Based on Trey Hamburger's supernatural comedy novel released in November, "Ghost/Aliens" centers on Trey Hamburger (Sadowski) and his loyal best friend, Mike Stevens (O'Donnell), two potheads who set out on a quest to expose the truth about the existence of ghosts and aliens.

Also cast in the pilot, penned by Phil Johnston, are Rebecca Wisocky as Trey's volatile single mom Deb Hamburger and Kaylee DeFer ("The War at Home") as a member of Trey's quartet of alien hunters and his possible love interest.

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