Julianna Guill's Sex Scene, Friday the 13th Remake


So last night I finally got around to watching Friday the 13th the new remake and thought it was pretty good. Nothing amazing but much like those of you who reviewed it I agree that its worth seeing but not ground breaking.

The one thing that REALLY stood out was the insane porn moment where Julianna Guill strips off her clothes and goes to town on her co-star. The sex scene for me goes down as one of the most pornographic moments in modern horror. I will admit that she is built like a goddess and not 'man made' but my word was this scene blatantly thrown in for the teenage boys. As hot as she is (and her co-stars lines of 'wow you have great t*ts' pretty much sums her up well) this scene clearly did nothing to carry the movie forward.

I did some googling because I wasnt even sure what the stars name was and found the video being hosted on MetaCafe. This is not the entire sex scene ( its extended on the dvd ) but you can get a pretty good idea on what I am talking about. OBVIOUSLY this is NSFW and is completely not appropriate for anyone who doesnt know what boobies and hardcore porn is. You have been warned.

Highly erotic but seriously.. do scenes like this add to the genre or take away from it? Sound off in the comments.  Watch the video here if you must.

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