Piranha 3D Casts Swimsuit Models


First it was a porn star, and now its a swimsuit model and a lingerie model. Piranha 3-D is lining up alot of hot women for the remake.

Bria Roberts (C-List: The Surreal Life, 4 Clozure, 60 Minutes, Fully Loaded, music videos, cover model, fashion/swimwear model), Dorothy Dawn (NFL Lingerie Bowl, model, known nutritionalist) and Chauna Kanter (This Wretched Life, model and actress) were added to the Piranha 3D cast. 

Bria Roberts and Dorothy Dawn are "Wild, Wild Girls" in the film and participate in Eli Roth's Wet T-Shirt Contest.  Chauna Kanter is a Piranha victim.  Bria Roberts (on left, in red sports bra with black shorts) with one of the bloody Piranha victims.  Taken June 2009 at Lake Havasu. 

Piranha 3-D will be in theaters February 19th 2010 in 3-D. So lots of hot bods and lots of 3-D fish gobbling at your face.

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