New Edition of Slither Comes to DVD


I have no details but on August 2nd a new version of SLITHER is coming to DVD. A directors cut? New super-unrated edition? Not really sure. All I can say for sure is Slither is one hell of a good movie. It has a fantastic 89.09% rating based on 11 reviews by fans and writers on this site. What this means is if you do not own Slither or have not seen it... you need to!

The sleepy town of Wheelsy could be any small town in America - somewhat quaint and gentle, peopled with friendly folks who mind their own business.  But just beneath the surface charm, somethi...
89.09% Approval
(Based on 11 Reviews, Write one )

Starring Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks, "Slither" is about "Starla, the most beautiful woman in her small town, enlists the help of Bill, the handsome young police chief, to deal with her husband, Grant. Grant is infected with an alien plague, which has turned him into a slithering, flesh-eating creature.

As Grant's murder spree evolves from pets to people, the disease threatens to overrun the town with slithering, worm-like creatures. Now it's up to Starla and Bill to stop the plague before it spreads further and kills everything on Earth."

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