Sequel to Friday the 13th Remake News


Oh lordy... The folks at Platinum Dunes have revealed to Collider that yes a sequel is coming. Shocking I know. The really original angle that they are so proud to share is that this time.... Jason will be in the snow. They have also contemplated doing the film in 3-D.

I do not know about the rest of you but the first one was not near good enough to warrant a sequel in my books and the SNOW angle doesnt interest me at all. Big deal.. so hes gonna attack a ski lodge ( or a camp in winter.. dun dun dun ). They are aiming for an August 13th 2010 release. You guys interested? I can say I am not.. 3-D sex scenes or not.

The remake made just over $65million at the box office and has a 53% approval rating with our readers based off 31 reviews.

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