MIA Horror Movies: Sin Jyn Smyth, Dog Soldiers 2


I am starting a new regular column called MIA Horror Movies. In it we will take a look at movies that have gone MIA and try and update you on there status. First off its worth noting that this editorial is definitely all about you. If there is a particular upcoming horror movie that seems to have fallen off the radar shoot us an email at scoops@horror-movies.ca and we will look into it and probably feature it in the next issue of MIA Horror Movies.

This go around we have two movies to lookat Sin Jin Smyth and Dog Soldiers 2. I am not sure how many folks even know very much about Sin Jin Smyth but the film stars Roddy Piper and the director used to give us pretty regular updates. It is a supernatural tale about two marshalls who on the Day of the Dead must escort a man named 'Sin Jin Smyth'. Needless to say its all kinds of evil and a review on MoviesOnline for it was quite glowing. Not really sure what happened to the project but Roddy told Fangoria.com that the film was never truly finished as it ran out of money. It would appear that we may never see Sin Jin Smyth. Real Shame since I am a fan of Roddy Piper. THEY LIVE is just pure genius :)

Next up we have Dog Soldiers 2: Fresh Meat. When this project was announced we were all pretty damn ecstatic. The original is a classic and a sequel done right is something we all could have enjoyed. Alot of names got batted around to direct it and the last was Rob Green who directed The Bunker which was a damn good film which had similar visual elements to Dog Soliders and a very nice zombie-nazi-storyline... nothing like Dog Soldiers.

The sequel was supposed to take us back to the house from the first one and lead to all kinds of heavy carnage as a new set of soldiers who at first believe Pvt Cooper is a murderer and soon realize that he is not when they find themselves in a battle with the werewolves. The Bad news for all us fans is that the film is dead. Not only did the movie get pulled off of IMDB but we have no heard a thing about it in a very very long time. It would seem sadly that this project is dead dead dead.

So there you have it our first issue of MIA Horror Movies. Be sure to shoot us an email on any MIA movies and any details you have on them and we will feature them in our next issue. Thanks to RIP who contributed to this one simply by emailing asking and all the posts on the boards by many of you.

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