Fantastic Four: Michael Chiklis talks about the Thing's costume !

Michael Chiklis, who stars in the upcoming movie "Fantastic Four", told SCI FI Wire that it hasn't been easy adapting to the elaborate costume and makeup effects that he has to wear for his role as 'The Thing'.

In an interview on the set in Vancouver, B.C. Chiklis said: "It's a little like being in the seventh circle of hell.  But in a good way, in that at the end of the day, honestly, sure, it's hot, it's uncomfortable, it's cumbersome, but when you see it, it really is extraordinary."

Chiklis also said, that he has developed a Zen-like approach to the three-hour ordeal of getting into the suit (he has to wear the suit for as long as 12 hours at a time).  "I'm doing whatever it is I can do to relax and sort of let it happen. There's this sort of surrender that you have to (have), and keep it up, because if you try and control the situation you're going to panic. It's three hours to get into the suit, head to foot. So you just have to relax in whatever way that you can.".

Chiklis insisted, before the filming, that the character be created using practical effects rather than computer animation for a more realistic look and feel, but he wasn't completely prepared for the challenges that would present for him as an actor. "Initially it was really, really kind of frightening for me. I knew it would be a physical challenge. I did not know it would be a psychological challenge. And initially, it was for me. I'm not a phobic person, or an anxiety-ridden person, but I had a full-on anxiety attack the first time they put me in. And I think it's because once they put the hands on, I can't get out on my own. But now, it's two months later, and I'm through it. Now it's not about fear. It's more about loathing, in terms of just the personal discomfort.".

Chiklis remained positive about the film and his role in it. "I'm talking about that a lot. But I really want to make it clear that when you put your eyes on the prize, and the big picture of it, you look at the dailies, and you see what we're doing, that's the analogy. That's good to you. You start to go, 'Wow, this is something special. This is something I can talk to my kids about and grandkids about.' This is a special, special job.".

The filming for "Fantastic Four" will be finished in December, and the release is scheduled for June 1st 2005.

Source: SCI FI Wire

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