The Stepfather Remake Trailer


2008's in-name-only remake Prom Night was undoubtedly the worst genre film to come out into a wide release. Poor on every conceivable level of filmmaking, when word broke that the same people behind the film were also behind the remake of the 1987 film The Stepfather, of course expectations can't be that high.  So it's certainly not on my list of 'must-see' movies of the fall, short of wanting a good laugh.

The trailer has popped up on Youtube and honestly, it looks slightly better than it has any right to be.  Though I don't think it'll be good, it can't be worse than Prom Night.  The storyline is basically the same as the original with an apparently normal man moving in with a divorced mother and her children, the family seems to be getting along until the eldest son sees police sketches of a serial killer who resembles his new stepfather.

This the remake stars Dylan Walsh as the Stepfather and the screenplay is by J.S Cardone (Prom Night, The Forsaken) and directed by Nelson McCormick (Prom Night).  The Stepfather is due out October 16, 2009 and is rated an unsurprising PG13. 

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