Change to ToeTags!


Goon and I have been discussing a change on the ToeTags system since lately we are gearing up some pretty big contests. This month we are giving away a HellRaiser cube collectors set which was for the June member who is the most popular film critic.

Going into July I will be doing a brand new contest and also be changing toe tags. From now on going forward at the end of each month your toe tags will reset back to 0. Each month we will be picking winners for various things, including Top Member based on the months rolling toe tags.

That way when we give away really cool prizes like *coughcough*blurayplayer*coughcough* all of the new members as well as you regulars get included in the contests. I wanted to make you all aware of our intentions to make this change to open up the contests more so that those of you who are newer on site but are very active has just as much opportunity to win the big prizes as folks who may have been around alot longer and do not post as much. Feedback welcome.

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